Dr. Liston

Holding the Book of Universalities

This will have to do so far as Dr. Havlock Liston is concerned. It is a fragment believed to have come from the so-called Book of Universalities, a text that may have informed both the methods and purposes of Liston and his associates in the many projects conducted at the Institute for Otherly Human Beings.

I speak with greatest regard for Truth and Sincerity, rest assured.

In following the Universal Laws articulated herein you will be assisted in overriding all hostility, bad luck, unfortunate astrological advice, and so on. By tuning in the Ultimate Power you will immediately turn the tide of suffering and misfortune in all its instances to find Happiness and Light. Wisdom, too, will follow, as Wisdom is the Keystone of Otherliness.

Never doubt the fact of your Otherliness. You belong to a special category of people for whom the Natural Laws of Science do not apply.

Use Chart 57 to determine your level.

Before he went mad Liston made some rather astonishing claims. Of all his assertions the most astonishing was his claim to be able to see into the present. Next to this all of his other claims to rare arts and gifts -- hypnosis, reflexology, acupuncture, dousing, and the use of psychic wands -- were but commonplace tricks. To be able to see into the present -- that irreducible moment in the flow of time, that precise instant when future plunges irretrievably into past -- outranks even the marvels of mathematics.

We can only hope that in future more may be known of Liston and the Institute. The scant artifacts (at the moment, consisting of this photograph, this morsel from the Book of Universalities, and a handful of newspaper reports) tempt us to want more.

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