Lady G. delighted audiences at Furston Pavillion for more than ten seasons. A ballerina of exceptional grace, she was eventually invited to join the Bolshoi in Moscow, where she spent three happy years dancing the part of a small swan. Lady G. subsequently married Peter Effing, a six-foot-two New York investment banker, and then took up permanent residence in her beloved Maoam. Though their arrival in Maoam was kept a closely guarded secret (in an effort to preserve a degree of privacy), they were met by large crowds of well-wishers, film photographers and representatives of the daily papers. Mr. Effing abandoned his career in banking to became le Regisseur of the Municipal Ballet Company, his chief accomplishment being a revival of romantic themes in ballet productions. Lady G. died in 1969, her husband and two daughters at her bedside. Both Lady G. and Peter Effing were devoted sunbathers, and most their holidays were spent at Bennet's Farm, a private club for like-minded souls. A large share of her considerable fortune was used to establish a foundation to promote healthy feet, as she was ever mindful of the suffering endured by professional dancers everywhere.

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