Chambeau Blau

When Chambeau Blau died of equine fever in 1971, newspapers proclaimed the end of an era. Blau was the last and best of the horse hypnotists. At right we see Blau with the horse named Billy. Billy was more mule than horse, but he was Blau's favorite subject. Blau died in Copenhagen during an afternoon performance in the gardens of the Tivoli. Billy, still in a deep trance and despite the best efforts of Denmark's most skilled veterinarians, was humanely dispatched with a single gun shot. Billy was buried near the Viking memorial located in Amalienborg Square not far from the present Royal Residence. Blau's remains were returned to Maoam where he was buried amid considerable pomp and ceremony.

Blau may have been the last living descendant of a distinguished line of persons begun by Robert Clef, the celebrated inventor of many mechanical novelties and the author of the medieval classic, Light & Virtue Through Observation of the Differential Gear.

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