Saint of Mt. Koya
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"The idiot remained face down on the floor, but he seemed to lose his balance and was about to fall over sideways when the woman gently helped him back into sitting position. 'There, you did that very well,' she said sounding pleased with what he had done. To me she said, 'I believe he is able to understand anything you tell him to do, but you see, he has suffered an illness and neither the doctors nor the healing waters of the river were able to restore him. He has lost the use of both his legs and has no feeling in them. As you have seen, I have taught him how to bow, but that is the limit.'

" 'Even when I teach him things, he has a very hard time remembering them, and since he finds it painful to move his body, I have made a point of not asking him to do things. Gradually he has also lost the use of his hands and has forgotten how to talk. But he knows how to sing. Even now he still remembers two or three songs. Here, won't you sing a song for our visitor?'

"The idiot boy looked at the woman, then turned his gaze again to me before finally shaking his head as a way of saying no."

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