Saint of Mt. Koya
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"Turning to the idiot boy, she continued, 'This fellow was born and raised in these mountains, so he knows nothing about the world outside. Still, he is very good-natured, so you can put your mind to ease on that score. Besides, he knows how to recognize a guest when we have one, and he has all the necessary manners for entertaining a guest -- oh my, he hasn't yet greeted you formally and welcomed you to our home. Here, you,' she said to the idiot, 'You have grown lazy recently,' Then she explained to me, 'No, sir, he isn't completely stupid, he is aware of everything that goes on.

" 'Here now, please say hello to the priest who has come to visit us. What's the matter, have you forgotten your manners?' She approached the idiot and putting her face quite close to his in an intimate manner, looked at him closely and tried to encourage him. The idiot placed his palms on the mat, but instead of a bow, he merely flopped forward on the floor like a rag doll.

" 'Thank you,' I said, feeling a surge of pity as I nodded my head in acknowledgment.

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