Saint of Mt. Koya
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"The horse twitched its back and flanks, and soon was dripping with sweat. Its stiffened legs began to tremble. Slowly the horse's muzzle lowered to the ground and it began to froth at the mouth. Its forelegs seemed about to crumple at any moment.

"The woman ran one hand caressingly along the underside of the horse's jaw, and with her other hand, she threw her kimono over the animal's eyes. Like a playful kitten she moved to the horse's side, clothed only in the ghostly light of the moon. She slid her nude body between the horse's forelegs, then, snatching her kimono from the horse's eyes, she ducked away along his flank.

"Seeing his chance, the old man now pulled the reins and the horse began to walk quickly up the road. Soon they were out of sight.

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