Saint of Mt. Koya
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"I was astounded to see what she did next. Standing on tiptoe, she gently stroked the horse's mane several times with her open palm. She was standing directly in front of the horse's large muzzle and suddenly she seemed taller, much taller than I had remembered her. As I watched, her eyes went blank, her lips closed, and her brow relaxed, she appeared to have lapsed into a state of unseeing ecstasy. She had lost all of her self-conscious playfulness and informality. It seemed to me that she had been transformed into something superhuman, either a goddess or a seductress.

"The darkness of the deep mountains seemed to intensify. The peaks all around seemed to tilt their heads to catch a glimpse of this pale goddess under the specter moon, with the old man kneeling at her feet and the horse before her awaiting her pleasure.

"A warm, caressing breeze enveloped us as the woman slid the kimono from her left shoulder, baring her breast covered only by a thin undergarment which she clutched to her body with her right hand. The next moment she was completely nude.

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