Saint of Mt. Koya
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"It seemed we had come quite a long way from the woman's house. When I turned and looked back up the slope down which we had come, I could see no sign of the pine tree and the moon was by now low on the horizon, almost at the top of the slope, and it was so clear I felt I could almost reach out and touch it although in reality I had no idea how high the moon was.

" 'Come this way, please,' said the woman stopping some distance below me. There stood a large boulder and the water of the stream cascaded over it forming a backwash. The river was only about three feet wide, and I found that when I was near it, the sound of the running water was not really all that loud. Near at hand the flowing water resembled liquid crystals, but in the distance it thundered against jagged rocks.

"The far side of the river was formed by the lower slope of the adjacent mountain whose peak was obscured in the darkness. The flanks of the mountain, however, were illuminated by the moon. I could see in the spectral moonlight that the slopes were strewn with stones, large and small, in a weird and fantastic variety of shapes and sizes. Some were shaped like sea shells, some like crystals, others perfectly round. Wherever I looked there were stones and more stones. One of them, larger than a house, thrust out into the water of the stream."

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