Saint of Mt. Koya
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"We went quickly down the slope until we noticed a toad that emerged from a clump of grass beside the path. 'Oh, what a disgusting thing,' said the woman, and in a trice she had leaped completely over the creature. 'What's the matter,' she asked speaking to the toad, 'Can't you see that I have a guest? It is really going too far for you to come out like this and cling to my feet. You should be satisfied eating flies. You deserve nothing more. Please sir,' she said to me, 'Come right along. Pay no attention to the likes of this creature. In a remote place like this these creatures seek one's affection. It's really disgusting, don't you agree?' Turning to the toad she concluded, 'I would be ashamed if anyone thought we were friends. Please leave me alone.'

"With that the toad crept back into the grass and hid itself while the woman turned and walked away. Soon we came to a log bridge composed of a tree trunk that was all but hidden by the tall grass. The woman said, 'Here, we will have to cross this bridge, but be sure not to step on the earth that has been packed in around the log, for it is soft and will not hold your weight.'

"When I mounted the log, I found that the clogs I was wearing presented no difficulty, for the log was surprisingly large and I was able to walk right across. Reaching the other side, I could hear the sound of rushing water quite clearly.

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