Space Station M

Station M is the first space platform to take advantage of the minute differentials that occur when mental energy is expended in a vacuum. It has no outer walls. No atmospheric system. No central communications.

Vice Admiral G.C. Martin, Royal Navy, credits his design to the inventiveness and special knowledge of gypsies, who, he maintains, are persons of extraterrestrial origin, the proof of which is a book by Ivan T. Sanderson, Uninvited Visitors, published in 1967 by Cowles Education Corporation, New York, quoting as follows: "[Gypsies]...are...discredited people...[living] a way of life, time proven & happy...have nothing, own nothing & philosophy...and are not in the habit of admitting to their fellowship people of a different blood...[especially] vain mankind."

Vice Admiral Martin tells us that the purpose of the platform is purely meditative, and it is available to any citizen who obtains the appropriate clearances and has the price of a shuttle ticket. The scenery, he assures us, is spectacular.

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