Plaza of the Patriots

The statue of the proto-patriot, Hugh Lindfors, occupies the central platform overlooking the plaza. The windmills must turn constantly to repel the cold stream of souls, the remnants of the dead women and children who are the fodder of patriotic acts. These tragedies drift ashore day and night, it seems, threatening to erode or topple the unmortared stones of the monument.

The plaza plays no favorites. The frequency of new entries is a constant expressed in very large numbers. Torturers and mutilators are given special favor, although bombers are showed preference on important anniversary dates. And once a year The Proctoriate sponsors a no-host barbecue celebrating the reign of terror led by Lindfors and his Militia of Twenty.

The monument is now off limits to the general public owing to the considerable damage caused by indiscriminate urination, which is apparently how some people have seen fit to pay tribute to the honorees.

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