"Gazing deep into ourselves, we seek again to make the circuit. By degrees, from the mist of the unconscious, there issue elements that are all but definite: we hook something relevant to us, but tenaciously it resists. And, surrounding these fragments, there is night. Those summits which, half waking, we have seen surge forth, grow clearer. We unveil, or rather we image: to image is to give form to our dreams."

Amédéé Ozenfant, Foundations of Modern Art

Indeed, the links between dream, myth, history, and reality are tentative. Where they exist they tend to be gossamer threads impossible to gather without the aid of imagination. It is imagination alone that overcomes the barriers that separate the divergent planes of our existence. If an artist happens to be a good artist -- which means being gifted, inspired, and equipped with something to say -- he or she might assemble within the boundaries of a page the elements of such an illusive universe and find forms that express in visual terms that which neither word or number can accomplish with any hope of satisfaction.

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