Saint of Mt. Koya
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" 'Well, I guess you sure took your time about going down to the river. I trust the young priest was able to maintain his vows of chastity.'

" 'What are you talking about, Uncle? Was everything all right here while you were looking after the house?'

" 'Everything was fine, but it is getting late, so I had better be going or I will have trouble finding my way. I am going to take Old Blue out of the barn and get him ready for the trip.'

" 'Sorry we kept you waiting.'

" 'You had better go look after your husband. Don't worry, though, he's all right. I didn't kidnap him or anything.'

"The old man set off toward the barn, laughing like an idiot. The retarded boy was still in the same place, in the same position. Since the sun never shone on the veranda, it seemed he was unconscious of the passage of time and thus never changed in any way."

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