Saint of Mt. Koya
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"At any rate, that is how it was; the whole experience seemed like a dream. As I say, I had the unreal feeling that I was being enfolded by a gentle, fragrant flower. It seemed to twine around my legs, then my waist, my hands, shoulders, neck, and finally even my head. Suddenly I fell flat on my buttocks on the boulders and my legs thrust out into the flowing stream. For a moment I thought I would surely slide off the rock into the river, but the woman flung her arms around me from behind, hugging me to her breast and thus saving me from the swift current.

" 'Aren't you offended by the smell of perspiration when I am close to you like this? I have always been a hot-blooded person.' Hearing these words, I quickly recovered myself, and breaking free from her embrace, I stood stiffly upright and very embarrassed.

" 'Please forgive me,' I said.

" 'Don't worry. There is no one around to see us,' she said cheerfully. At some point she had taken off her own clothes and stood before me perfectly naked, her skin smooth as silk. You can imagine how surprised and flustered I was.

" 'I am so fat I have trouble enduring the heat. During this season of the year I come here two or three times a day to wash away the sweat and to refresh myself. I wouldn't know what to do if there was no water. Here's the towel for you,' she said wringing out the towel and bringing it to me. 'You can use it to wipe your feet.'

"Before I quite knew what was happening, she had wiped my body dry. I am afraid this is a rather disturbing story I am telling you," said the priest with a laugh.

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