Saint of Mt. Koya
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"I had thought the water would be numbingly cold, but it was not. Of course it was just the hottest part of the summer, but that was not why the water was warm. The truth is that my blood was boiling, and the woman's own warm passion as she scrubbed my body with her bare hands made the water feel warm and soothing. The sensation I experienced was so pleasant that although I did not exactly fall asleep, I did forget all about my earlier embarrassment and seemed to fall into a sort of reverie in which I forgot all my aches and pains. The warm, pliant body of this woman pressed to my back made me feel as though I was in the embrace of some lovely and exotic flower.

"The woman hardly seemed the sort you would expect to find in these remote mountains. Indeed, a woman of her beauty and refinement would be rare even in the capital city. She was like a gentle and delicate flower. Although she made every effort not to breathe on me while washing my back, and even though I was trying my best to ignore her presence, I must confess I felt carried away by a transport of ecstasy as she bathed me.

"There was also the exquisite fragrance; I was uncertain whether it was the mountain air or the woman's own fragrance, but I felt it like a zephyr of her breath on my back."

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