Saint of Mt. Koya
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"By this time the woman had finished washing the rice, but in the process her kimono had become a bit disheveled and one of her breasts was visible. In the moonlight I could see her well-formed nose and mouth as she gazed up at the mountain peaks with a glint of ecstasy in her eyes. The light of the moon gave a dream-like illumination to the side of the mountain.

" 'Even now, seeing the marks on my arms where the leeches sucked, I am filled with horror and revulsion,' I said as I began to wash my arms.

" 'There now, sir,' said the woman, 'If you are as modest as all that you will end up getting your kimono wet and it will make you uncomfortable. You should just take off your clothes and bathe properly. Here, I will wash your back for you.'

" 'No!' I cried out in alarm. 'For heaven's sake don't do that.'

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