Saint of Mt. Koya
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"I felt so sorry for the woman that I averted my eyes and pretended not to notice the intimacy and affection that passed between them, but the woman seemed quite unconcerned by the whole thing. Then as I followed her away from the house, an old man suddenly appeared from behind a clump of hydrangeas. Apparently he had come from the back of the house. He wore travelling sandals and a small, leather medicine bag dangled from his sash. A pipe jutted rakishly from his mouth.

"He stopped in front of us and greeted me saying, 'You are welcome here, sir.'

"Before I could make a reply the woman turned to the old man asking, 'How do you think it will turn out?'

" 'Well you know how it is, for a mule he is too smart, but I can do some pretty hard bargaining and use a good go-between. Anyway, I will get enough for him that you will be able to get by for two or three months. I will bring the money by for you tomorrow.'

" 'I appreciate what you have done for me.'

" 'Sure, sure. I understand. Where are you going anyway?'

" 'We're just on our way down to the river,'

" 'So, you're on your way down to the river with the young priest here, are you? Be careful you don't get into something over your head. I'll just wait here until you come back.' With these words the old man seated himself on the veranda.

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