Saint of Mt. Koya
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"Even before the woman had finished speaking I stepped forward and seated myself on the veranda. The woman suddenly came close to me and said urgently, 'Even though you are a priest, there is one thing I must warn you about if you plan to spend the night.'

"She spoke very clearly and I was afraid she was about to impose some impossible condition on my spending the night there, but I said, 'Certainly, just tell me what it is.'

" 'Well,' she said, 'It's really not all that important, but you see, the fact is that I am always hungry to hear news of what is happening in the capital, and no matter how I try to restrain myself, I will go to any lengths to find out. You must remember not to give in to my pleading on this subject. I am giving you fair warning, no matter how I plead, you must remember not to reply.'

"Her strange request seemed laden with uncertain nuances and implications. Here was a woman living in a house surrounded by majestically high mountains and incredibly deep valleys, and I felt her words had some significance unknown to me, but since it was no difficult condition to agree to, I merely nodded my assent and murmured, 'Very well, then, as you wish, I will not say a word about the news of the capital.'

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