Saint of Mt. Koya
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" 'Oh, you're a priest,' said the woman emerging from the house. She was very beautiful, slightly built, and her voice was pure and limpid as the mountain air.

"She seemed very gentle, and, heaving a sigh of relief, I kept my eyes on the ground and merely nodded my head without saying a word.

"The woman was kneeling on the floor in an attitude of formality, but she leaned forward peering through the twilight gloom to get a better look at the forlorn figure I cut standing there travel-weary and all alone. 'What do you want?' she asked.

"Since she did not invite me to come in and rest, I assumed that her husband was away and that she was reluctant to invite a stranger to spend the night. I quickly stepped forward, determined to ask for lodging for the night before I lost the opportunity. Bowing politely, I said, 'I am a traveller who is crossing the mountains to Shinshu. Can you tell me how far it is to the next inn?' "

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