Saint of Mt. Koya
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"The peddler knocked the dottle from his pipe and said, 'What's the matter, man? Don't hold back; go ahead, drink up. Drink your fill. What does it matter if you get sick, I have plenty of medicine here. Surely fate brought me here just for this purpose, don't you think so, Miss? Oh, but don't get me wrong, the medicine won't be free. I have some Mankitan pills here, but out of respect for the medicine I give you, you will have to pay three sen a pack for them. You'll have to pay for them alright. I have never yet committed such a sin that I had to atone for it by giving something free to a priest. And how about you, Miss? I wouldn't mind committing a few sins with you.' With these words he poked the tea house maid suggestively in the ribs.

"Shocked by the man's lewd behavior, I hurried away down the road.

"An elderly priest like myself has no business telling you indecent stories about poking tea house maids, or about pinching them either, but I guess it will be all right this time since that is the subject of my story."

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