Saint of Mt. Koya
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"This girl's father, the doctor, had sunken cheeks and a mustache; he was a proud and posturing sort of person. Nevertheless, he knew something about ophthalmology since he often was called on to treat cases of eye disease caused by the chaff and dust of the rice harvest. But what he knew about internal medicine was less than nothing, and when he performed surgery he did nothing more than mix a bit of his hair oil with water and apply it to the afflicted place. Since there are always some people who will believe anything, and since those of his patients who did not die eventually recovered, and since there were no other physicians in the area, he inevitably became respected as a doctor.

"Especially when the girl was sixteen or seventeen and in the full bloom of her young womanhood, true believers and unbelievers alike thronged to the doctor, saying that she was surely a manifestation of the healing Buddha, born to the doctor for the purpose of helping people.

"So that was how it all began and soon she was being seen daily by the most regular patients, and they developed a fondness for her. If someone had a pain in his hand, she would inquire about it and rub it gently with her fingers. First there was a young man named Jisaku who had a severe case of rheumatism which was entirely cured by a touch from her hand, and next a man suffering from water poisoning found himself to be completely cured when she stroked his stomach with the palm of her hand. At first her cures were only effective on young men, but gradually she began to cure old people as well, and finally she was even able to work her cures on female patients. Even when she was not successful in alleviating the pain, she was able to reduce it. The foolish old doctor would lance a patient's boil with a rusty scalpel, causing the patient to writhe and cry out in pain, but they said that if the daughter would press her breasts against the patient's back and hold his shoulders, he would be able to endure the pain more easily.

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