The Way Home
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Tracy threw a tantrum when the perfect blue circle showed up on the stick she dipped in her morning urine. She could not believe it, such a thing could not happen to her. And today is a kind of relief, it is over at last. Time to get back to normal, to start pretending that nothing really has happened.

Her mother, a most 'enlightened' lady, paid up the two hundred and fifty pounds without a fuss. Then she packed and drove with Tracy's stepfather and the twins to a house-swap holiday with a family in the Black Forest. The travel plans were made ages ago, house-swapping takes a long time to arrange and there was absolutely No Way they could cancel. And as Stepdad said, was it fair really that the family's holiday be disrupted because of Tracy's carelessness?

So yesterday Tracy was 'counselled' as the law prescribed, today she is to spend the night at the nursing home and next day she will go back to her everyday life. End of story.

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