Days Rotate
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'A woman once came to my father's house', I said. 'She knew my name and your name. She knew that we were going to get married. There was something different about this woman. She spoke about power and possession'.

He stopped walking. He turned and I saw green in his eyes and heard the hoofs of horses. He said, 'That woman was one of the Freedom Lovers. They want the world to go back to how it was before. I fought in the Great War so that you can look up at the sky and see angels, so that you can taste roses in the rain and never know famines. We lifted up the grid that separated countries so that people could move about and settle and there would be no border patrols, no immigration laws. But the old ways are creeping back in again. The Freedom Lovers are pushing for another war and I wouldn't put it past them to break the law and use machines'.

'When will that war be?'

'I don't know.'

'In our lifetime?'

He smiled a little. 'I'll teach you how to hold a sword and fight'.

'Who will win, us or the Freedom Lovers?'

'Days rotate. Days rotate'.

'What do you mean?'

He paused and I waited. When he spoke, he spoke slowly, his eyes dark as purple. 'We were warned from the beginning. We were warned that this mystical life, this contact with Heaven won't last long'.

I wanted him to sing. We kept on climbing.

He said, 'People are needing more sleep now'.

It was true. I now slept five hours each night, last year I only needed four. I said, 'The Freedom Lovers speak about sleep'.

'It's the old ways coming back, tugging like gravity'. His hand did not grip mine as tightly as before.

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