Pioneer Phase

The removal of certain obstacles in this newly opened territory -- in this instance, the natives -- was followed promptly by an invansion of highly specialized parasites fully alert to take advantage of the opportunities which their less enterprising congeners failed to appropriate. The new land thus became the heritage of the most alert, hardy, and daring types, allowing them to maintain almost exclusive possession through several generations. Their hold was broken only after the last tree fell and was carted off to be digested in the bowels of their machinery.

It would be useless to discuss evolution and its processes here. There is nothing in this brief history to illuminate the matter beyond the fact that today we do not feel we can, in any way, associate evolution with progress. We can no longer comfort ourselves with the cheerful nonsense that ends are necessarily better than beginnings.


Our politics is simple. Our politics is grand. It all comes down to the value of the bird in hand.

The populist manifesto was penned by a San Francisco poet with more gall than experience.

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