Turret Interior

A photographer commissioned by the heavy metal band Big Plastic Willy secured this interior shot of turret number 7. It was subsequently used on the cover of the band's best-selling CD, Who's Your Mother, Mother?

Sociologists are having a holiday with it, of course. Several papers have already appeared in print in Norway, Germany, and in the Bahamas. The best of the crop is entitled What's in a brain? by Paco Wang, a leading socio-absurdist at the famed Mumford College of Social Research. Wang postulates that clear stylistic connections can be made between the turret friezes and certain indo-European folk art, but that precise interpretation requires the utmost care and restraint. In urging restraint, Wang puts himself squarely with Heinrich Woelfflin, who said one might learn as much from a shoe as a cathedral.

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