Untitled Oil

There is not a shred of evidence to suggest that the artist Wilfredo Lam ever visited Belau Belau. Moreover there is no evidence that anyone -- the inadequacy of customs records notwithstanding -- ever brought a painting by the Cuban master into the country. Still, there it is. This untitled (and, unfortunately, unsigned) work has the uncanny look of a Lam. Thematically it employs the same wild mythical totemism for which the work of Lam is famous. And, clearly, there is just a hint of the same deranged sense of reality that is common to painters in the Americas, north and south.

A certain fishiness is suggested in the forms depicted in the painting, but we are unable to decide if the author is Cuban or Belauan; an island is an island, of course, whether in the Caribbean or the western Pacific. If we could identify the fish we might be able to say more precisely where the form originated. But, alas, there is no characteristic to help in that regard.

The governor, who says the painting was delivered to his doorstep in the dead of night by unknown persons, has taken steps to have it authenticated by a team of experts currently working under contract in the Tourism Section of the Chamber of Commerce. Pending payment of the examination fee a report will be forthcoming.

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