Morning at Curro's Cave

Tar-ah, tar-ah, tar-ah
Who knows my true name?
It's a secret I keep from God
If he knew how to say it
He would know the mistake he made

Consuelo, the wife of Curro de Vaca, is a miracle of patience. She watches over her husband as a mother would her child. She is especially attentive during the morning hours when the danger of explosion is particularly acute. Curro de Vaca believes with absolute certainty that he was born on one of the moons of Jupiter. This belief is based on the fact that since his earliest memory as a child he has been plagued by severe attacks of stomach gas every morning of his life and again at night after his evening meal. He is always careful not to sit in direct sunlight, and he almost never smokes cigars or pipes until well past noon.

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