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Mr. Otis

Introduction by Brian Booth      Paintings by Mr. Otis


"In Mr. Otis we obviously have another Van Gogh
and he's got two ears."
Bennett Cerf

"He has a tongue-in-cheek sophistication, a sardonic humor
and a true feeling for color."
New York Herald Tribune

"A wonderful detergent for the souls of all of us who get lost
in the crazy maze of so-called modern art."
Fresno Bee

"This Otis can't paint any better than Picasso."
Mrs. Ella J. Stout (long-time Portland artist.)


Intangible Publications is extremely grateful to Mr. Brian Booth, widely known for his work in preserving and promoting Oregon literature. His help in selecting and securing images of the Mr. Otis paintings -- as well as providing his introduction -- was integral to this exhibit.

The introduction first appeared in the catalogue for "The World of Mr. Otis" exhibit in 1994 at the University of Oregon Museum of Art. It is reprinted here with their permission.

Thanks also to Ms. Kris Kinsey of the University of Washington Library Special Collections, and Mr. Lawrence Fong at the University of Oregon Museum of Art.