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Every crew member lowered their already slack jaws. Oliver wasn't even thinking of that award, he was just provoking as many people as he could, beginning with ourselves, ending with the audience.

"Woy or stick it Fatty," said Oliver crossing the set, he was speaking to me, and I thought about the pig and the actress.

It wasn't only in my imagination though : in the short stillness, the image of the pig and the naked girl was worked over in every mind like an item of well-aimed geometry. There was no way around it once suggested. Everyone was thinking it, balancing the obscenity with the obvious hook, that it had never been seen on screen before.

The nude actress on the table spoke up. "I'll not do it," she said, and she brushed off green leaves off her body from where they stuck. Catching the pig's eye, the actress held her hands closed between her legs in an act of sudden embarrassment. It wasn't like an actress to be embarrassed.

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